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Who Do You Trust?
Thursday, 03 March 2011, 03:02:34 PM

…and now for something completely different..

Whilst sitting in a Tim Hortons the other day I found myself being serenely calmed by the atmosphere. It was located in Greek Town on the Danforth and I just enjoyed watching the many elderly Greek folks chatting and exchanging the banter.  There was a real character about the place! I was sitting waiting for someone who was at the bank, and I just enjoyed that I had the opportunity to sit and soak it all up, not something I would otherwise have done. Usually it’s a quick nip into Tim’s or Starbucks for my usual steeped tea or coffee respectively.

As I sat there I noticed an elderly lady sitting alone in one corner.  Quiet honestly she looked a little frightened, a look iterating that something stressful was happening in her life. I began to wonder what it could be? Elderly ladies often outlive their husbands tending to have stronger longevity! Maybe that was it… her husband whom she was with for 60 years or so had passed on and she just wanted to be in an environment where there were people around her. I started thinking of my career as a realtor and how much trust is involved between a client and their real estate agent. Maybe this lady now had some big decisions to make in regards to her home which she had lived in for 50 + years. A possible downsize? With such a big decision she really has to trust whomever she uses to sell probably her largest asset. Trust is such a huge part of our daily jobs.  We are involved in people’s lives when major transitions are occurring. I almost feel that one of this job’s primary roles is as a consultant. Often I’m asked what I would do were I in my client’s shoes and that’s a tough one but I do try and put it back on them and ask questions which put a lot of the discernment back in their court. This is where the patience comes into the role. I really delay giving my opinion until I feel it’s warranted or is invited. I may have an inkling as to what way things will play out but will always err on the side of caution and let’s things play themselves out.

So on my part I sometimes have to trust in the process rather than offering opinions that directly lead a client one way or another. For example, I’ve been working with one client now for about a year and we’ve entertained many possible options. We’ve been in a few offer situations which unfortunately we lost due to competing offers going above what we felt the homes were worth.

I’ve had a gut feeling for a while though as to what direction we’d be taking but I had to trust that I could be also be wrong. However in our last offer presentation, once we knew we had lost to another more attractive offer I decided to suggest what I’ve felt would happen eventually. On this we acted immediately and got a new home for my client!

So in many ways, I feel that trust is crucial on both sides of the relationship. I don’t know everything and I have to trust that with enough due diligence and consideration off all options we will end up with what is the most appropriate for the clients. I rather that the client directs the process and my job is to support it. In doing so I find it easier for the client to trust in my abilities!

Told you this was something a little different to my usual economic  / real estate market updates.

See you next time.


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